June 2 & June 3, Hilton Hotel, Costa Mesa, California

The Orange County Wine Society, Inc., in conjunction with the OC Fair and Event Center, 32nd District Agricultural Association, is proud to sponsor the 42nd Annual OC Fair Commercial Wine Competition - the most comprehensive judging of California wines in the world.

This competition differs from other judgings in the following respects:

  • All currently released California grape wines readily available for purchase by consumers within the Orange County marketplace, including phone and Internet sales, are eligible to be judged.
  • Only qualified winemakers or winery principals serve as judges.
  • The competition is conducted double blind. Neither the judges nor the stewards know the identity of the wines being evaluated.
  • All wines are judged by type or varietal in price and sugar categories.
  • No entry fees are charged.

Entry requirements and other information is found here.

We encourage the submission of all eligible wines to provide a complete competition, thus providing consumers with an unbiased and thorough analysis of the available wines.

Notification of the results and awards will be mailed to all wineries submitting entries, after review of the judges' recommendations by the Orange County Fair Wine Steering Committee and confirmation of the winning wines' eligibility and commercial availability to consumers in Orange County.

All entries will be showcased and tasted by consumers at the OCWS wine booth (Courtyard) during the Orange County Fair, July 13 - August 12, 2018. The Courtyard is staffed by volunteers of OCWS, and all proceeds directly offset the cost of the Competition and support the OCWS scholarship program. Every award winning winery will have at least one of its labels on display at the fair.

If you have any questions specific to the event, the entry form, shipping instructions or delivery deadlines, please contact the Orange County Wine Society at (714) 708-1636.

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